Press Elements Widgets

Widget for every WordPress Professional

Press Elements adds dozens of Elementor widgets built specifically for WordPress professionals.


Are you a designer seeking to create a breath taking effect? You will love the “Visual Effect” widgets included in our pack.


Or are you a WordPress Implementor? Check out the “Integration” widgets that will make it easy to integrate WordPress plugins into Elementor.


Maybe you are a developer? You should try the “Post Elements”,  replacing the theme-functions with simple Elementor drag-and-drop widgets.

Enhancing Elementor with Powerful features!

Widget Categories

Press Elements comes with powerful Elementor widgets, organized in four categories!

Characterizing your site’s identity. Make sure every page is recognized with your brand, company or products line.

Eye catching effects for “visual poetry”. Add unique touch to set apart your site and draw your viewers attention.

Content design and presentation. Boost your efficiency and maintenance for quick and simple edits.

Stand on giant’s shoulders by integrating content from external web platforms and popular WordPress plugins.

Free/Pro Widgets

Free Widgets

Most of the widgets included in Press Elements are free of charge, and more are constantly developed and released.

You can download the free version from plugin repository.

Pro Widgets

The ultimate widget pack with advanced tools for Elementor.

Customers who understand the power of investment gain access to exclusive Press Elements Pro widgets. 

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