Site Logo

Site Logo Widget

Display and style your site’s logo using a dedicated Elementor widget. It helps you to manage a single site-wide trademark.

Set Your Logo

WordPress let’s you set a site-wide logo in the “Customizer” screen. Simply choose an existing image from your WordPress media library or easily upload a new image.

Elementor Widget

To display the logo you just drag the “Site Logo” widget from your Elementor editor. That’s it!

Style & Design

Multiple styling features are provided with in the widget:

  • Control the image size, opacity and angle.
  • Apply hover effects on your logo image.
  • Add borders, border-radius and box shadows.
  • Link the logo to custom URLs.
  • Set container HTML tag to optimize SEO ranking.

The Problem

When using a simple “image widget” to display the logo on multiple pages you can’t easily update the logo. You need to update each and every page to replace the images to the new logo.

The Solution

With “Site Logo” widget displays the site logo defined in the customizer. When you use this widget on multiple page, and later on update the site logo – the widget will automatically use the new logo on all the pages.

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